Corpus Christi – Sacrifice That Gives Life | #131

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Corpus Christi – Jesus gives himself so that we can be fully alive. When we sacrifice to God, our gifts become so much more. In the Eucharist, Jesus puts His life in our hands. Do you want to be fully alive? Then put your life into His hands.

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Trinity – Spending God’s Money | #130

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Trinity – How much should Father put into the collection today? Take my wallet and you decide! Every time we pass the basket, we are making this decision. It all belongs to God. We are spending God’s money every time we give.

Pentecost – The Spirit Moving on Pilgrimage | #129

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Pentecost – You cannot see the Spirit, but you can see the effects of the Spirit’s presence. We saw the Spirit: Calling, preparing the way, bringing unity, calling forth gifts, refreshment, peace, healing, joy. Our response to the Spirit: Thanksgiving.