Holy Thursday – Worth the Price He Paid | #123

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Holy Thursday • We judge the value of an item by the price that was paid for it. You were bought at the price of a man’s blood — and not just any man, but God’s own Son. Peter felt he wasn’t worthy of this gift, and he was right. None of us are worthy of receiving the Eucharist. I’m not worthy to be a priest, and none of you are worthy of having a priest. But we must allow Jesus to set our price, our value.

Peter also realized the consequence of accepting Christ’s gift of himself. He knew that if Jesus washed his feet, he would have to wash the feet of his brothers. The condition of being an Apostle is returning the gift we have been given. We must love as we have been loved.

Peter and Judas both throw away this gift. But then Peter discovers the depth of Christ’s love. We are invited to humbly accept the offer of Christ’s love and to respond in kind. Can you love as Christ has loved you? Yes, you can, if you first humbly receive His gift. (21 Apr 2011)

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