Breakthrough Program Improves Marriage

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Would you want your wife to take a little pill that:

  • Reduces communication in your marriage
  • Makes your wife less attracted to you
  • Causes her to gain weight
  • Makes her moody
  • Makes her less interested in sex
  • Has side effects like infertility and difficulty conceiving when you want to have a child

Real men don’t let women use “The Pill”

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    As a couple that has used Natural Family Planning for 18 years. We concur with the advertisement by the Diocese of Phoenix. Yes, we have learned to play Rummikub (I usually win!!!) but we also have a greater knowledge of our bodies and selves as people in this adventure of God’s called MARRIAGE!!! We don’t have 42 children. I am not barefoot and pregnant. The Catholic Church is NOT telling me how many children to have. Natural Family Planning is all about RESPECT for my husband’s body and his RESPECT for my body. Trust me-GET THE TRAINING-you’ll like what you and your husband become to one another in your marriage. God be with you-always!

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