Lent2 – The World Transfigured | #119

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Lent, 2nd Sunday (A) The mountain is where Moses received the law. It is where Elijah the prophet heard the still, small voice of God’s presence. The mountain is the place where Peter, James, and John see Jesus Transfigured. It is not so much that Jesus has changed, but that they have changed. They can now see the glory that is hidden beneath the veil of the ordinary. God’s radiant and glorious power is constantly present in this world and in our neighbors. Yet when Jesus goes to the Cross, they will all forget this. Look for God’s glory hidden beneath the ordinary. (20 Mar 2011)

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    Dear Fr. Joel,

    Thank you for faithfully putting your Sunday homilies online. I look forward to them every week and enjoy learning from your prayer and reflection. May God bless and reward you!

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