Homily for the 33rd Sunday

Fr. Joel Homilies

Captain Savior from Planet Perfect

Ordinary Time, 33rd Sunday. What is the point of Christianity? Popular opinion says that Christianity means: if you’re trying to be good, when you die you get a ticket to heaven. But we have lots of hopes and dreams like health, wealth, a job, a good home, a wife and children… Not only does Christianity seem to promise something I don’t really want, it even gets in the way of fulfilling my dreams. But that isn’t true, because the popular idea of Christianity is wrong. Real Christianity is found in the words of Jesus. He teaches us this fundamental truth: the Loving Fatherhood of God. God the Father wants you to be happy, successful and fulfilled, but he has a better plan for success than we do. There are two more fundamental truths, so stay tuned. (14 Nov 2010)

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