Homily for Christ the King

Fr. Joel Homilies

The point of Christianity is Jesus Christ. We easily forget this simple fact because we see the church building, the Ten Commandments, the Pope and the priests, and Sunday Mass, but we don’t see Jesus. Yet he is the the center of all of it. He became our model to show us how to live as human beings. He is also our friend who wants to walk with us, and the Suffering Servant Savior who died to free us from sin. He sends us the Spirit of Love and Be Loved who makes us children of the Loving Father and imitators of the Son. Living as he lived and loving as he loved, Christians are little Christs — and that’s the point of Christianity. [click post for audio content]


Homily for the 33rd Sunday

Fr. Joel Homilies

What is the point of Christianity? Popular opinion says that Christianity means: if you’re trying to be good, when you die you get a ticket to heaven. But we have lots of hopes and dreams like health, wealth, a job, a good home, a wife and children… Not only does Christianity seem to promise something I don’t really want, it even gets in the way of fulfilling my dreams. But that isn’t true, because the popular idea of Christianity is wrong. Real Christianity is found in the words of Jesus. He teaches us this fundamental truth: the Loving Fatherhood of God. God the Father wants you to be happy, successful and fulfilled, but he has a better plan for success than we do. There are two more fundamental truths, so stay tuned. [click post for audio content]

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Homily to Envision our Future by Fr. Joel

Fr. Joel Homilies

God’s grace can make our Tomorrow something completely different from our Today. We know that 70% of Catholics don’t come to church, but you came. Why do you come to church? Today’s homily is a part of the new Diocesan visioning process. Two questions to answer: 1) What do you find life-giving about our parish?
2) Imagine that in 5-7 years our parish has become truly vibrant, a place that is changing hearts and making our community a better place. What is a core commitment, attitude, change or program that has caused the parish to be such a wonderful place? Thanks for being part of our future. [click the post for audio content]

Homily for All Souls Day by Fr. Joel

Fr. Joel Homilies

Life moves inevitably towards death. The world grows cold, leaves fall, and we grow old and frail. But God has promised a Christian life after death. Every winter gives way to spring, and every sunset promises a coming sunrise, and even death is the beginning of new life. A Christian can welcome death because it brings us something better. God does not leave us comfortless, so let evening come. [click post for audio content]