Welcome to BrotherPriests.com

master Free Range

For the past two weeks, we have been diligently putting together this new web site.  You can already tell that this site is a little more powerful than our previous one, while actually being easier to navigate.

Our homilies can all play right off the web site, just by clicking the Title of the homily.

All the posts are collected into CATEGORIES, which lets you can easily browse a topic you are interested in.  The Free Range category collects miscellaneous things – the rest are pretty obvious.

The right side bar lists RECENT POSTS and also recent READER COMMENTS so you can see what people are commenting on.

Farther down is the collection of TAGS attached to each post, so you can further cross-link by what you are interested in reading about.  Every tag appears in the posts where you can cross-link as well.

Most of the posts from our original site are carried over into this one, so you can search for favorite posts from the past three years.  We hope you enjoy the site, and feel free to leave comments on this post about the layout.

Happy reading,
Frs. Benjamin and Joel