A Tale of Two Prayer Cards

Fr. Joel Priesthood

When a priest is ordained he traditionally issues a commemorative prayer card.  On this, the 3rd year anniversary of our ordination to the priesthood, I thought it appropriate to reflect on the prayer cards that my brother and I had made. Even though we are twins, you’ll notice that our cards are about as different as is physically possible.

Fr. Benjamin

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The front of the card is above; the back of the card is below. Fr. Benjamin took this picture himself of graves of nuns in Prague. On June 30th the Church celebrates the feast of the First Martyrs of Rome, those whose blood was shed in the early persecutions. The back of the card features the prayer that a priest will pray when celebrating a Mass this day. In strong and simple black and white, the succession of crucifixes emphasizes how Christians in each generation live the faith and, through their sacrifice, become visible images of Jesus Christ for their own time.

Fr. Joel

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The front of the card is to the left; the back of the card is on the right. Fr. Joel was inspired by this image at a Stations of the Cross in Jasnogora, Poland. It illustrates the scene from John 21, and a quote from that same passage is found on the back of the card. This card emphasizes that Christ (the Shepherd and the Lamb) has poured Himself out for us in the Eucharist. Through the endless service of the priesthood, Christ continues to pour himself out and feed his sheep. Full color and messy, this card emphasizes the passion of the Faith.