Life on the Edge, Day 4

Fr. Joel Church meets World

So you expected me to post day 3 next, didn’t you? HA!! Day 3 we went white-water rafting down the Cache la Poudre river (the name means Cache of Powder, dating from the voyageur days). But I didn’t get any pictures that day and we all know how boring it is to read a post without pictures.

This charming picture of one of our leaders was taken at our 7am breakfast stop. At that time we had been on the trail for almost 3 hours and had traveled about half the distance to our destination, Flattop Mountain. We were also just below the treeline.

Here we are now above the treeline (about 11,000 ft.). Bathroom facilities become more and more scarce the higher you climb.

We were hiking in two “Platoons”, one from Wisconsin and one from Iowa. Here is the Wisconsin Platoon pausing at a scenic overlook. You could see California and parts of mainland China from this particular spot, that’s how high we were.

This is the barren wasteland above the treeline. Scoured by winds and freezing temperatures, it was teeming with life. Marmots, pikas, ptarmigans and spiders were everywhere.

Here’s a great view looking down Flattop Mountain into the valley. Somewhere in the distance is Estes Park.

Here is a picture from Flattop Mountain looking up to Hallet’s Peak which rises 400 feet higher.

Here we are milling about taking pictures from the top of the mountain and scaring one another because we all look so close to death. Really the mountain slopes slowly down, so people only look close to death. But 12,713 feet high makes dizzy just thinking about it. Of course, it took us most of the afternoon to get down again but we were all tired and happy and proud of one another.

Praised be Jesus Christ…
now and Forever!

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