Life on the Edge, Day 2

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Our second day we hit the trails once again in the Rocky Mountain National Park and started at the same trailhead. A mile or so up the trail, we took a turn and headed up steeper trails.

After a long series of switchbacks we saw our first glacier (it was really just a pile of snow, but hey, this is the beginning of August). What do you do with a big pile of snow? Well, you sit and wait for the next squad and then pelt them with snowballs!

Pink Squad, my hiking group for the day.

This is Timberline Falls. We reached it after a long climb up steep trails. Our destination was Glass Lake that sits above the falls. We had to crawl vertically up wet rocks to arrive at the lake, and the waterfall is much higher than it appears in the picture (the trees give you a clue).

Because my squad arrived first, we were told we had to climb back down the waterfall, take the packs from the slowest group, and carry them up the waterfall. I was exhausted at the end.
As we hiked back down the trail, we could see how high we had climbed.

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