Life on the Edge, Day 1

Fr. Joel Church meets World

I just spent the last week of my life in Colorado. It was a trip of about 50 people, half from Wisconsin and half from Iowa. We had squads with 6-8 teens in a squad and a couple of adult leaders per squad. The Oshkosh squads were known as Pink Squad and Green Squad. This trip is an opportunity for kids to encounter Christ through the beauty of His World and the beauty of Christ’s Catholic Church.

We slept in cabins at a place owned by the Salvation Army and hiked in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Our first day was meant to acclimatize us to the altitude. Here we are hiking along a 2.5 mile route.

Alberta Falls:

We arrived here at Mills Lake and I celebrated Sunday Mass on a rock in the lake. It was a fantastic experience. The wind was gusting to 25 mph so I made some people stand behind me like a wind screen.

You can see in the picture above where the tree-line ends. Think of how much work God must have put into this part of the world, just so the elk could enjoy it.
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