Fr. Joel’s Homily for June 28

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ord13 – How to Raise the Dead (6:24)
Ordinary Time, 13th Sunday. Jesus heals an elderly woman because she has faith in him. He raises a young girl from the dead because of her parents’ faith. We often meet people who act like they are dead — weighted down, worn out, hopeless. We might think we can do nothing to help them, but we are wrong. As Christians we can show them love, compassion and encouragement. Jesus will work through us to raise the dead. (28 Jun 2009)

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This is my last homily at my current parish before I start at a new place. It was a sad moment not only for me, but also for the whole parish. While I make some allusions to the transition, I determined just to preach the homily that had come to mind instead of reflecting back on my time in the parish. I’m not sure where the hum came from; maybe it was the Holy Spirit.