White and Drifting Snow

Fr. Joel Life on Planet Earth

Fr. Joel

Last winter was, well, very wintery. Having recently spent time in Italy, I would often walk outside in only a sweater or vest, only to have to turn around and put on a heavy coat. I decided this winter, I would be prepared. The first thing I had to deal with was tires that were nearly bald. I shopped around a bit once the cold weather came, but then with time running out I finally got the job done at the beginning of November, just before the first large snowfall. I spent extra for tires that were rated well in snow. At Thanksgiving, I figured it was one of the last nice days so I finally washed and waxed my car so the salt and grime wouldn’t affect it so much. Good thinking, considering the ice storm we got one Sunday morning in January.

Most people might consider this to be prepared, but I wasn’t done yet. Not by a long shot. I love hats and I can never understand people that go out without one. However, with hats you usually have to choose between two options. On the one hand, there are nice baseball caps that keep your face protected, but sacrifice your ears. On the other hand there are stocking caps that keep the ears toasty but let snow and sleet attach your face. Enter the Stormy Kromer, a perfect winter hat made in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. If you don’t mind the “Civil War Soldier” look, your face and ears are well-protected.
Ever notice how important are warm feet? The rest of you can be toasty warm but if your feet get cold you will be miserable. I frequently need to wear dress shoes, such as when celebrating Mass. Dress shoes do not protect you from the cold, nor prevent your sliding around on the snow. I looked at some boots and finally settled for an old-fashioned solution: overshoes. They make this nifty versions now that cover your shin. You can walk through blizzards, step inside, and have perfectly warm and dry feet. Even better, your shoes don’t squeak because they are not wet. Our grandparents were geniuses.

Some people might have accused me of being over-prepared. Those people do not live in Wisconsin, or if they do, they are currently recovering from pneumonia. We got record snow fall in December. When we wake up to sunny days, it is because the weather is freezing cold. Like today, -17 this morning. Actual temperature; windchill was -35.

I may look pretty goofy all dressed up but at least I’m warm. Yes, its been a wonderful Wisconsin winter for all those with a steady supply of hot chocolate and home-made marshmallows.