By Anonymous - Chatzidakis. Byzantine Art in Greece, Public Domain,

The Lord of All Time | #901

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Advent 1 – All time belongs to Jesus. How can we keep the Grinch from stealing our time? 1) Give to God first 2) Discern and Invest 3) Trust the Lord when your schedule changes. Let Jesus be the King of your heart and the Lord of your time.

Prayer: Time Well Spent

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“You’ve just won money for life!”, says the sweepstakes envelope. The prize is $1440 every day for the rest of your life. It comes with a debit card linked to an account that will fill up just after midnight each day. No matter how much or little is left at the end of the day, just after midnight the account resets …

Sand through our fingers

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In my homily on Ash Wednesday, I talked about how quickly everything in this world slips away, like sand that slips through our fingers. There is nothing we can do to hold on to anything. Everything fades, passes away, and crumbles into dust. Those of you who are a little older know the feeling that life is slipping through your …