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100,000 Miles and Counting

Fr. Joel Life on Planet Earth

My first year in my three-parish assignment was also one of the snowiest years on record. After the third snowfall of 14+ inches, I decided it was time for a vehicle with all-wheel drive. I took delivery of my new Subaru Forester on the feast of St. Anthony in 2011. It was the year of the tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdown; …


Start a Gratitude Journal

Fr. Joel Life on Planet Earth

I was talking to a priest friend about issues in our parishes. The more we talked about our problems, the more frustrated we both became. Our challenges grew bigger and our abilities shrunk. Then my friend said he’d read an article about a pastor who was incredibly successful. His Masses were well attended and his collections were overflowing. “What was …


Where to Find True Security (#502, Advent 2)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Here comes your God with power — to scoop you up in his strong arms! Stop trusting in money and things. Our true security does not come from what we have but from who we are: beloved sheep in the arms of our mighty and gentle shepherd. (7 Dec 2014)