Frozen Weather

Benjamin Free Range

Tuesday morning I was drinking my coffee and watching the rain pelt against the windows. After a little while the rain started to look lumpy as it hit the windows. Soon it had become a wet, torrential snow. It was a little surreal to see such a heavy snowstorm at the end of April. I thought about the snow on …

Son of a gentle God (Baptism of the Lord)

Benjamin Homilies

The moment when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan river (Matthew 4:13-17) reveals to us that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who is exactly like His Father in all things. Jesus is not the son of a violent or fighting god, but the Son of a gentle and peaceful God. In our baptism, we have been adopted as sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. As Jesus reveals Himself during His ministry, He also challenges us to become more like Him in our thoughts, in our words, and in our actions.