The Covenant, Part 4: One Holy Kingdom

Fr. Joel God & Faith

We have spoken already of the covenant with Noah, Abraham, and Moses. We shouldn’t think of these as new covenants replacing a previous covenant. Rather, in each generation God continues to renew his commitment to His people. And he continues to ask the people to renew their commitment to him. This commitment includes an ever growing number of people. The …

The Covenant, Part 3: One Holy Nation

Fr. Joel God & Faith

God’s covenants with Noah and Abraham cover a large portion of the book of Genesis. When Genesis ends, Joseph (with the coat of many colors) has just welcomed his family into Egypt. God used Joseph to save the people of Israel from death by famine. The next book, Exodus, begins by explaining that the Israelite people have become slaves to …

The Covenant, Part 2: One Holy Tribe

Fr. Joel God & Faith

Slowly through history God reveals himself to human beings. God made a covenant with Noah when he and his family came out of the ark. God waits for ten generations until a man named Abram is born. God calls Abram to leave his land and journey to the promised land. In Genesis 15 God makes his promises into a covenant. …

The Covenant, Part 1: One Holy Family

Fr. Joel God & Faith

Our Catholic faith includes plenty of philosophical and theological reflection, cultural traditions and strange legends. But fundamentally our Catholic faith is founded on history. The history of the world is a history of God’s relationship with the creatures He created. Our faith is founded on the encounters human beings have had with God. These encounters have been carefully recorded by …

Christmas Day – God has a Human Face | #107

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Christmas Day – God has made a covenant with Noah, Moses, Abraham, David. God has been faithful even when his human partners have been unfaithful. Now God has a human face. He takes our side of the covenant, reveals God’s face, and shows us our destiny.