Carrying Heaven Everywhere You Go | #850

Fr. Joel Homilies

All Saints – Heaven is full of light, joy, peace… and free of death, evil, and sin. There’s only one requirement to get in: you have to be completely free of sin. Let God’s love fill your heart and life and — voilà! You are already in heaven.

Hunting a Wild Turkey with the Holy Spirit | #826

Fr. Joel Homilies

Easter 5 – I got my first wild turkey thanks to Lee’s mentoring. The Holy Spirit mentors and guides us, gives us mentors, and calls us to mentor others. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to build us up in the faith so that we can build up others.

Building the Kingdom one Block at a Time (#647, 27th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Does your corner of the God’s Kingdom reflect good stewardship? God can do amazing things when we just do the little tasks we have been given. Mother Therese and St. Therese of Lisieux were fruitful because they were faithful. [AUDIO]

The Mysterious Mary Magdalene

Fr. Joel Being Catholic

After the Blessed Virgin Mary herself, there is perhaps no woman in the New Testament more intriguing than Mary Magdalene. She has figured prominently in art, the naming of churches, and even popular fiction. Pope Francis just elevated her feast day, July 22, to greater importance. Church holy days have three ranks: Memorial, Feast, and Solemnity. Mary Magdalene is moving from …

Invite the Holy Spirit and Remove the Barriers (#627, Pentecost)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Feat. Deacon Michael: We must send an invitation and remove the barriers from our hearts. St. Philip Neri invited the Holy Spirit into his heart. Are we going to have open doors, open hearts, to the Holy Spirit? [AUDIO]

How to Find Hope in Suffering (#614, Lent 3)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Featuring Deacon Michael: God knows well what we are suffering. St. John Paul II and Blessed Chiara Badano both found hope by uniting their sufferings with the sufferings of Jesus. They encountered Jesus and came to know I AM as Our Father. [AUDIO]

How to Recognize God’s Children, Now and Forever (#548, All Saints)

Fr. Joel Homilies

God’s children have listened to their Father’s voice and come home forever. God’s Children live the Beatitudes; their actions flow from pure hearts. Bring your messy heart to Jesus. Put it on the altar, and let Him wash it in His blood. (1 Nov 2015)