King and God and Sacrifice (Epiphany)

Benjamin Homilies

The Magi bring three gifts for the child Jesus. These gifts proclaim three things about the child: gold proclaims that He is king, frankincense that He is God, and myrrh that He will die. We will spend the next year reflecting on these three aspects of the life of Jesus: how He is king and what sort of kingdom He rules; how He is God and what His relationship is with the Father; how He is sacrifice and the Lamb of God who dies for our salvation.

Take up your Cross (Homily for the 24th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ord24 – Take up your Cross (14:50) Ordinary Time, 24th Sunday. September 11, 2001. The JFK Assassination. The bombing of Pearl Harbor. Why does God allow tragedy? Many of us have tried to answer this question, especially when faced with personal loss and suffering. Jesus gives a different answer. He is he Son of God. If there was anyone we …