Seeing the World with Eucharistic Eyes | #839

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ordinary 19 – The gift of the Eucharist nourishes us spiritually. It also teaches us to “see” God’s love hidden in the world around us. When we see with Eucharistic eyes, we can become the Eucharistic people God made us to be.

bride and groom

A Marriage “in the Church” not in a Church?

Fr. Joel Church meets World

“Father, can you officiate my backyard wedding?” I get these calls several times a year. “No, I’m not allowed to celebrate a wedding outside a Catholic Church,” I explain. One US Diocese is temporarily permitting priests to celebrate outdoor weddings. It’s a one year experiment in meeting people where they are at (in the backyard, apparently). I understand the importance of …

FrBenjamin – Holy communion is the most precious gift (2 Easter)

Benjamin Homilies

The Gospel reading for the second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) teaches us something surprising: Jesus still has His wounds. Although the other marks of His passion have healed, Jesus still carries the wounds because they are a sign of God’s great love for us, and of the price paid for our redemption. Holy Communion is the most precious thing we will ever hold in our hands, because of how much it cost Jesus to give that gift to us – His whole life. The second most precious thing we will ever hold in our hands is another person. We should hold Holy Communion with the same reverence we would hold a baby, because we truly are holding the Body of Christ.