Why does the Catholic Church exist? (2)

Benjamin God & Faith

I recently posted about the fact that the Jewish nation has a lot of similarities to the Catholic Church, but more needs to be said because the Church has something that the Jewish nation never had: the power to take away sin. The nation of Israel was chosen out of all the nations of the world as a witness that …


The first witness to the resurrection…

Benjamin God & Faith

If you have debated or discussed the Christian faith, one thing becomes clear sooner or later: the whole faith hinges on the Resurrection. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, you might talk about a “Christian philosophy of life” or about a “Christian theory of the world”, but you would have to admit that the world continues to exist …

Easter Sunday – Nourish the Bread of Life | #124

Fr. Joel Homilies

Easter – The ancient people passed yeast down from generation to generation. Jesus is the new “starter dough,” the Bread of Life. The culture of Christ can transform lives and raise the dead — but we have to nourish it and let it grow.