FrBen – Three signs Jesus lives (Ascension)

Benjamin Homilies

After he rose from the dead, the disciples saw Jesus ascended into Heaven. Although Jesus is in Heaven right now, He is still with us here on earth and He is already reigning as king of this world. I can point to three signs that Jesus is lives: Pope Francis’ recent meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew I, Pope Francis inviting Shimon Peres and Mahmoud Abbas to the Vatican, and the ordination of two new priests, because priests continue Christ’s priestly power in the world. These are three signs in the world that Jesus lives, but every Christian is called to be a sign that Jesus lives. We must be signs in our homes, shops and businesses.

FrBenjamin – Life is stronger than death (Easter Sunday)

Benjamin Homilies

Our human life is marked by a lot of darkness. Although life is beautiful, we can easily feel that death is stronger, and that death has the last word. Easter Sunday proves once and for all that life is stronger than death, that the light is stronger than the darkness. Every Easter, the Church asks us to recommit ourselves to our baptismal promises, which is the promise to reject hatred and evil in order to live in love and do what is good.

Heaven is something new (32nd Sunday OT)

Benjamin Homilies

Like the Sadducees in today’s Gospel, we often assume that life in Heaven is a lot like life on earth, only with better food, and no one gets fat. Jesus corrects that interpretation, teaching us that those who are chosen for Heaven will receive a new life that is completely transformed, that we call “eternal life.” The truth that eternal life is waiting for us should give us courage to face all life’s difficulties without fear.

After Ezra: an Easter Story

Benjamin God & Faith

Read the full story at the Des Moines Register I recently encountered a beautiful story about a young husband and wife. She was raised a Hindu in India, and he was raised a Baptist in Iowa, and they entered the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. What was so powerful about the story was that it shows the power of …

+326+ The risen King is with Us (Easter)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Jesus is the one religious Founder who is not dead. He came out of the tomb to announce the Good News of victory: He is the true King who has conquered sin and death. Our King is everywhere: in fire and water, bread and wine. We are never forgotten, never alone. Christ is Risen!

Jesus has risen, and he married Elizabeth Lee

Benjamin God & Faith

How do we prove that Jesus rose from the dead? The first way to prove that something happened is through the testimony of witnesses who saw it happen. No one saw Jesus rise from the death, but a number of trustworthy people encountered him after his resurrection, and they have left a record that they saw him, and that he …

Why does the Catholic Church exist? (2)

Benjamin God & Faith

I recently posted about the fact that the Jewish nation has a lot of similarities to the Catholic Church, but more needs to be said because the Church has something that the Jewish nation never had: the power to take away sin. The nation of Israel was chosen out of all the nations of the world as a witness that …