Novena for Persecuted Christians

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Christians being forced to leave their homes in Mosul, with their goods confiscated. Christians caught in the cross-fire between Moslems and Jews in the Holy Land. Christian children kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria. Christians feeling pressure from secularist legislation. A Christian woman in Sudan sentenced to death for being Christian… We usually think of all these as isolated incidents, …

FrBenjamin – Hold on to your faith no matter what (17th Sunday)

Benjamin Homilies

This week the Christians in Mosul were forced to leave their homes. They were given the choice of converting to Islam, paying a punitive protection tax, or being killed. They chose to leave, and as they were leaving the city they were robbed of their money and possessions. But they triumphed, because they escaped with the pearl of great price, which is their faith.

This week, Meriam Ibrahim was allowed to leave Sudan. She was even able to meet with the Pope. It is a sign that if you hold on tightly to your faith, God will make everything else work out.