How to love when it’s hard (6 Sun OT)

Benjamin Homilies

You would think that Valentine’s day is not the best day in the world to be celibate, but I got one of the world’s best Valentine’s day cards. A person who does not have a significant other is not living without love, because God’s love is always there for us. In Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus tells us about God’s love, and teaches us to love the way God loves and not the way that comes naturally to us. We can’t just love when it’s easy, we also need to love when it’s hard. +

God calls each person (3 Sun OT)

Benjamin Church meets World, Homilies

St. John the Baptist was sent to preach repentance to everyone who needed to repent. This included King Herod, even though preaching to the king ended his career. When Jesus was preaching, His message was quite personal. Jesus did not stop with stereotypes, but He saw each person. When we look at a crowd of people, we see a crowd, but God sees each and every person. God sees each person, God knows each person, and God calls each person to be part of His work.

+324+ Servant is Lord is Servant (Holy Thursday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

The Lord of the house lived in luxury; the servants lived simple lives. But Jesus, the true Lord, chooses to serve. He invites us to do the same. A husband washes the feet of his wife and family when he uses his authority to serve them. Let the Lord serve you that you might serve others.

Equal rights and the world of “Hunger Games”

Benjamin Church meets World, Human Relationships

There is a clear connection between the current campaign for equal rights for homosexuals and the great campaign for equal rights for women. That movement had started with equal voting rights for women, and then moved on to fight for equal access to education, to jobs and careers, and equal pay for women who were doing the same work as …


+319+ The Church is serious about Marriage (Lent 3)

Fr. Joel Homilies, The Loving Life

Four things the Church is Serious About, #3. God loves His people faithfully; He will never give up on us. Neither is divorce possible for human marriages; once the two have become “one flesh” no human being can separate them. The Church takes the words of Jesus seriously, and that’s why the Church is serious about Marriage. (3 Mar 2013)

+318+ The Church is Serious about Love (Lent 2)

Fr. Joel Homilies, The Loving Life

Four Things the Church is Serious about, #2. Love is Sacrifice: love leads us to lay down our lives for the beloved, an act we call Marriage. Marriage belongs together with Sex and Babies in the “Love Triangle.” If we choose one, the others come with it. This is why sex outside of marriage is wrong: Because the Church is serious about Love. (24 Feb 2013)

Love is Forever (Homily for the 27th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies, The Loving Life

Podcast: Play in new window | Download ()Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS | How to SubscribeOrd27 – Love is Forever (9:40) Ordinary Time, 27th Sunday. Why does the Catholic Church refuse to accept divorce? Because Jesus told us that divorce is not possible. Once two have become one flesh, it is not humanly possible to separate them. What …

Three brothers and the priesthood

Benjamin Priesthood

Recently the youngest of three brothers was ordained the the priesthood. The oldest and first to be ordained to the priesthood, as a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, was Fr. Luke Strand. Fr. Luke was briefly on the national news after his ordination because a company was threatening to sue him for infringing on their image by driving around …