Catholic Divorce — Why Not? (Part 1 of 2)

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The recent Synod on the Family has stirred speculations that the Catholic Church might relax her rules on divorce. Most Catholics are aware of three basic rules: Catholics aren’t allowed to get divorced. Catholics who want to remarry can go through the Annulment process which nullifies the first marriage and allows them to remarry just like anyone else. Catholics who get …

“The Love between a man and a woman, which is faithful, fruitful and permanent, reveals how God loves us.” ~ the new Archbishop of Chicago

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Today it was announced that the Holy Father had appointed Bishop Blase J. Cupich as Archbishop of Chicago, one of America’s largest Dioceses. Bishop Cupich was originally a priest of Omaha, Nebraska, and served most recently in Spokane, Washington. As I was researching the new Archbishop I found a wonderful explanation of Christian marriage that he wrote to the good people of …

How to love when it’s hard (6 Sun OT)

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You would think that Valentine’s day is not the best day in the world to be celibate, but I got one of the world’s best Valentine’s day cards. A person who does not have a significant other is not living without love, because God’s love is always there for us. In Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus tells us about God’s love, and teaches us to love the way God loves and not the way that comes naturally to us. We can’t just love when it’s easy, we also need to love when it’s hard. +