Why Catholics Don’t Eat Meat on Fridays

Fr. Joel Being Catholic

Not really. The first Pope was actually a fisherman. But back then meat wasn’t a staple food. For most ancient peoples, “flesh meat” (birds and mamals) was a luxury enjoyed by the rich. The rest of the people only ate meat on special occasions. Abstinence from meat meant everyone had to eat like the poor.

The Devil Is Sneaking Between You and God – Stop Him! (#611, Ash Wednesday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

We sacrifice because Jesus sacrificed his life for us. Lent is about realizing that the Devil has been distracting me from my relationship with God. Reach through the fears and distractions and reach for God. He’s already reaching for you. [AUDIO]

Listen and Learn to be Son of God (#520, Palm Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Jesus wants only to be a faithful Son to his Father. Others too have learned how to be children of God: Simon, Joseph, the women at the tomb. You too must listen to the Son of God and learn from the Son of God how to be a son of God. (29 Mar 2015)

Bring One Another to Eternal Life (#519, Lent 5)

Fr. Joel Homilies

The little death and resurrection of Baptism prepares you for the big death and the big resurrection to Eternal life. Both times the Community brings you to Christ. Let us bring others to Christ. Let us bring others to Eternal Life. (22 Mar 2015)

De-Clutter God’s Favorite Place to Be (#517, Lent 3)

Fr. Joel Homilies

God loves being in the Tabernacle but His favorite place to be is your heart. At Baptism you were made a temple of the Holy Spirit. Is your temple clean and pure like Jesus, or cluttered and distracted? Listen to the Spirit as he reminds you: stop making My house a marketplace. (8 Mar 2015)

Your True Identity: Beloved Children on the Road to Resurrection (#516, Lent 2)

Fr. Joel Homilies, The Loving Life

Children yearn for parents who love them. Jesus radiates His baptismal dignity as the Father says, “I love you.” Receive your true identity and tell others: Baptism makes us God’s beloved Sons and Daughters on the road to Resurrection. (1 Mar 2015)

Washed and Clothed with Your True Identity (#515, Lent 1)

Fr. Joel Homilies

In the time of Noah God washed the world clean of sin. Baptism washes the Christian clean and gives each one a new name and a new identity. Sonia Singh rescues abandoned and abused dolls. God has rescued you; you are loved. Do you know it? (22 Feb 2015)