It’s Not WHAT You Give Up for Lent, but WHY? | #915

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Ash Wednesday – It’s good to give up things because we want to be better, healthier, have more time, less addicted. But Lent is about uniting our sacrifices to the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. If we die with Him, we will also rise with Him.

The Secret of Jesus’ Faithfulness | #819

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Palm Sunday – Jesus says “yes” to God’s will, relying completely on the Father’s strength and not on his own. Many of us were born into the covenant but now we have to make it our own: will you rely on your own strength, or trust in God’s strength?

Give Your Heart and Everything Else Will Follow (#817, Lent 4)

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Lent 4 – The Covenant can also be broken by going through the motions of loving God without really loving God. Like a married couple, or a priest, or a Christian who does the right things but hasn’t given their heart. Where is your heart?

I Am the Sign of the Covenant (#816, Lent 3)

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Lent 3 – Moses instructs the people in right living and right worship. Now God replaces the Temple with the Body of Christ, which includes all Christians. When you obey the commandments and live your purpose, you are a sign of the covenant.

Your Sexuality, Transfigured (#815, Lent 2)

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Finally Abraham has ‘skin in the game’ and God can bless the world through him. When we trust God with our sexuality it will be transfigured into a glorious blessing. Abraham has learned that no matter what it costs, God keeps his promises. (25 Feb 2018)

God Is Worth More Than Time, Food, and Money (#813, Ash Wednesday)

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Valentines Day is about all kinds of love. Lent is about God’s love. Lent is about trading a few nice things for something so much better: a deeper relationship with God. This Lent put God first and learn for yourself that God is worth more. (14 Feb 2018)

Lent is all about Love

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This year Ash Wednesday falls on February 14th, commonly commemorated as Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be quite the cultural conundrum for Catholics. Most of America will be thinking romantic thoughts, taking a honey out on a dinner date or surprising her with a box of chocolates. For Catholics, it will be Ash Wednesday as usual: fasting, abstaining from meat, …

Let Jesus Bring You Back to Life (#812, 6th Sunday)

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A leper was like a corpse; Jesus brought him back to life. God made you for a purpose. We get exhausted when we forget our purpose. Funeral Masses, St. Damian and Care Ministers all help remind us. This Lent let Jesus bring you back to life. (11 Feb 2018)