Look What You Find Hidden In The Ordinary | #903

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Advent 2 – God hides extraordinary grace, joy, and blessings in everyday life. It was only when St. Anthony had accepted being an ordinary monk that he started to truly live an extraordinary life for God. Embrace the ordinary, and look what happens.

By Anonymous - Chatzidakis. Byzantine Art in Greece, Public Domain,

The Lord of All Time | #901

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Advent 1 – All time belongs to Jesus. How can we keep the Grinch from stealing our time? 1) Give to God first 2) Discern and Invest 3) Trust the Lord when your schedule changes. Let Jesus be the King of your heart and the Lord of your time.

I Am Not The King Of The Hill | #854

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Christ the King – Jesus humbled himself, but God exalted Him and made Him the true King. Let Jesus be the king of your heart. Let him be the Lord of your work. And we can all stop playing King of the Hill.