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348 years ago…

Fr. Joel Being Catholic, Life on Planet Earth

…the first Mass in the Green Bay Diocese, the state of Wisconsin, and most of the Northwest Territory was celebrated in Oconto, WI. All over Wisconsin there are historical markers that detail the visits of explorers and the exploits of early settlers. In the city of Oconto we have the most amazing historical marker. It’s worth at trip to town …

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Lord, Who do You say that I am? (#438, 21st Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

The pagan city of Caesarea Philippi forms the dramatic backdrop to Peter’s confession. As Peter discovers who Jesus is, Jesus also reveals Peter’s identity. Only God knows who you truly are and all the amazing gifts He has given you. Be open to Jesus revealing yourself to you. Ask Him, “Lord, who do You say that I am?”


Church source of peace in the midst of war

Benjamin Church meets World

I want to follow my brother’s post about Cardinal Dolan’s presence at the Republican and Democrat national conventions. His presence was important for proclaiming the timeless truths that the Church stands for: the existence of God, the value of human life, the vital importance of the family, and the need for building a just society. Yet, as Cardinal Dolan showed …

Jesus has cast down the mighty from their thrones (2)

Benjamin Life on Planet Earth

part 1 ( Part 2 ) part 3 – part 4 – part 5 In the centuries before Christ, the Middle East was dominated by empires and their armies, who used their learning and prosperity to conquer cities and collect their wealth. Politics at that time was nasty, and rebellions were crushed with horrifying brutality. On the other hand, taxes …