Let Jesus Teach You the Secret to Happiness (#709, 4th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Sit at the feet of Jesus and learn the secret to happiness. When we have nothing but God, we have everything. And we are Blessed beyond measure. Catholic education forms the whole person to live the beatitudes and become like Christ. [AUDIO]

Equal rights and the world of “Hunger Games”

Benjamin Church meets World, Human Relationships

There is a clear connection between the current campaign for equal rights for homosexuals and the great campaign for equal rights for women. That movement had started with equal voting rights for women, and then moved on to fight for equal access to education, to jobs and careers, and equal pay for women who were doing the same work as …

What kind of person are you?

Fr. Joel The Loving Life

Go ahead, do whatever you want. With apologies to my brother (“I can do whatever want” = False): You can do whatever you want. You can mix and match different suits of armor if you want to. You can eat lots of ice cream, post stupid things on twitter, tattoo your girlfriend’s name on your body; you can do whatever …

Bride and groom on church steps

The secret way for a wife to have a trusting and intimate relationship with her husband: obey him.

Benjamin Human Relationships, The Loving Life

When I was growing up, my mother sometimes mentioned that it was very important to her to be obedient to her husband. (I think she mentioned this more often to her children than she did to her husband. Her husband happened to be my father: we were very blessed that things worked out that way.) My mother was not always …

Celibacy – true love waits

Benjamin Being Catholic

I talked in a previous post about the treasure of celibacy. Not only is it a loving response to God, but it is a loving response that involves the whole person, body and soul. Celibacy is valuable because the consecrated person is looking constantly beyond the horizon, and this invites both the Church, and the world, to look where he …