Battle Ready: How to Fertilize a Burning Bush | #918

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Lent 3 – Unlike the ancient Gods, the Lord is not another force in Creation. Moses needs to be convinced of three things: God’s Power, God’s Plan, God’s Love. When we are convinced of these three things, we can turn life’s “crap” into fertilizer.


Forgiveness Is A Light In The Darkness | #904

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Advent 3 – Hearing Confessions makes me feel like John the Baptist: I’m not the Christ, but I work for Him. I too must forgive and be forgiven. Let Jesus be the Lord of your failures. He will bring light and life into the darkness of your heart.

How Many Times Should God Forgive You? (#740, 24th Sunday)

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Forgiveness is the transformative process of letting God’s love fill our wounds. Forgiveness allows us to recover our own dignity and the dignity of the offender. It is a work both human and divine. Forgive as you have been forgiven. [AUDIO]

More Destructive Than a Hurricane (#739, 23rd Sunday)

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Our hurt can spiral into anger and violence and become more destructive than a hurricane. We are all responsible for a healthy community. We have to step out of the storm of hurt and violence. Jesus is the eye of the storm. [AUDIO]

We Have No Idea How Much God Suffers (#721, Good Friday)

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We have no idea how much God suffers, because we have no idea how much God loves us. Jesus takes our sins and buries them in the tomb. “I love you this much,” says Jesus, and he stretches out his hands and dies for you. [AUDIO]

Feets of Generous Love (#632, 11th Sunday)

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People were very generous to the walking pilgrims. Instead of receiving and giving, King David starts taking. The sinful woman is generous because she realizes how generous God has been to her. This Year of Mercy start receiving and giving. [AUDIO]

The Mercy That Brings Us Peace (#620, Divine Mercy)

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The risen Jesus offers reconciliation and peace. Jesus gives Thomas a second chance. Thomas received mercy; he shares mercy. Pope John Paul II brought mercy to the world. Let the risen Jesus meet you and offer you mercy and peace. [AUDIO]

Who is the Woman Caught in Adultery? Her Identity Will Surprise You (#616, Lent 5)

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The woman is accused of adultery, but the elders are guilty of adultery against God himself. So are we, for we have been unfaithful. Jesus loves the woman and dies for her. Will you admit you are a sinner and let Jesus die for you? [AUDIO]

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Planting Seeds of Love and Truth (#432, 15th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Christ sows the good seed of truth and love. But the enemy sows bad seed of lies and selfishness. Whatever we receive will take root in our hearts, grow, and spread. What am I open to receiving: Love and Truth or lies and selfishness. What am I spreading: Love and Truth or lies and selfishness? Ask yourself this question on Monday at noon. (13 Jul 2014)