Welcome to the Future

Fr. Joel Life on Planet Earth

In a recent episode of the podcast BackStory,  host Ed Ayers presents his co-hosts with a puzzle. He gives them three different visions of the future and asks: What do they all have in common? Two guys, Mike Donovan and Gregory Powell, have been tasked with investigating an abandoned mining operation on Mercury. The conditions are so harsh that the …

Zombie Apocalypse Now

Benjamin Free Range

I recently watched the trailer for an upcoming film about the world being taken over by zombies (World War Z). I must admit that I like a good monster movie, and zombies are about the only monster we have left, now that vampires, werewolves and witches have been turned into blockbuster heroes in Hollywood. Although I like a good monster …

Homily for the Holy Family

Fr. Joel Homilies

In the move It’s a Wonderful Life, we watch George Bailey as a self-sacrificing man versus Mr. Potter as a self-serving man. The whole town of Bedford Falls is a better place because of George Bailey’s sacrifices. In the Nativity story we see St. Joseph as a self-sacrificing man versus Herod as a self-serving man. Joseph made the world a better place and set a new standard for manhood. What was Joseph’s secret? He was humble enough to trust in God rather than himself, and God gave him everything he needed to succeed. Do you trust in your own strength or in God’s? [click post for audio content]