Why Catholics Don’t Eat Meat on Fridays

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Not really. The first Pope was actually a fisherman. But back then meat wasn’t a staple food. For most ancient peoples, “flesh meat” (birds and mamals) was a luxury enjoyed by the rich. The rest of the people only ate meat on special occasions. Abstinence from meat meant everyone had to eat like the poor.

Why do Catholics celebrate Lent?

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Lent is the way that Catholics prepare for the celebration of the Triduum (which means “three days”). The Triduum is the triple feast of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. These feasts commemorate the climax of the life of Jesus. Holy Thursday remembers the His famous last supper with his closest disciples, while Good Friday commemorates his arrest, trial, …

Five reasons to fast on Fridays

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In the Catholic tradition, a fast day is a day when you eat only one meal. This idea is not as strange as it seems: I remember reading once that a lot of Native Americans would only eat one meal a day. Originally, the practice of fasting was to delay this meal until after sunset. This is still the Muslim …

The Father Ends All Fears | #118

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Lent 1 – Jesus fasts for 40 days and is tempted by the three great human fears: 1) Fear of being Empty. 2) Fear of being Alone. 3) Fear of being Powerless. These fears are why Adam and Even fell. Will we stand with Jesus and trust the Father?