How to love when it’s hard (6 Sun OT)

Benjamin Homilies

You would think that Valentine’s day is not the best day in the world to be celibate, but I got one of the world’s best Valentine’s day cards. A person who does not have a significant other is not living without love, because God’s love is always there for us. In Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus tells us about God’s love, and teaches us to love the way God loves and not the way that comes naturally to us. We can’t just love when it’s easy, we also need to love when it’s hard. +

Father and mother should be united (Holy Family)

Benjamin Homilies

Not every person is called to marriage, but every person is called to family, because God is ultimately the Father and Mother of each one of us. While God is the source of our life, He wants each one of us to have a human father and a human mother, just as God wanted His own Son Jesus to have a human father (Joseph) and a human mother (Mary). It is important for husband and wife to remain united because, when they are strongly united, they make a good shelter for their children.

We’re expecting! (Advent 1)

Benjamin Homilies

The good news is that we’re expecting; we’re expecting the birth of the Savior. Just as new parents prepare their home to receive a new child, we should prepare our hearts to receive the Lord Jesus Christ. A very good way to prepare our hearts for Jesus is to make them a place of peace and joy. By avoiding complaints and focusing on the positive things, we can overcome our negativity to help our hearts be a place of peace and joy.

Zombie Apocalypse Now

Benjamin Free Range

I recently watched the trailer for an upcoming film about the world being taken over by zombies (World War Z). I must admit that I like a good monster movie, and zombies are about the only monster we have left, now that vampires, werewolves and witches have been turned into blockbuster heroes in Hollywood. Although I like a good monster …

+328+ Faith in the Risen Jesus is a Family Tradition (Family Mass 6)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Faith can only be learned by Tradition: passed down from past generations. We don’t pass it on because we, like Thomas, doubt that it is really true. But the Risen Jesus was with Thomas and He is with us. God didn’t call “someone else” to bring the good news; God called us. Fortunately we don’t have to do it alone: The Risen Christ is with us.

After Ezra: an Easter Story

Benjamin God & Faith

Read the full story at the Des Moines Register I recently encountered a beautiful story about a young husband and wife. She was raised a Hindu in India, and he was raised a Baptist in Iowa, and they entered the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. What was so powerful about the story was that it shows the power of …

Equal rights and the world of “Hunger Games”

Benjamin Church meets World, Human Relationships

There is a clear connection between the current campaign for equal rights for homosexuals and the great campaign for equal rights for women. That movement had started with equal voting rights for women, and then moved on to fight for equal access to education, to jobs and careers, and equal pay for women who were doing the same work as …