The Family: Overwhelming Suffering, Great Joy

Fr. Joel Church meets World

The recent Synod at the Vatican sounded like a free-for-all. Media reported lots of controversy. It made it sound like the Church was going in different directions and the Bishops were divided. And that was just the prelude to next year’s synod. It is obvious that the family touches all of us deeply. I found helpful this pastoral letter that …

How to Find the Magic this Christmas

Fr. Joel Being Catholic

Christmas Letter 2014 Remember how Christmas was such a magical time when you were children? You were excited for weeks, tried to be good just before Christmas, and maybe even caught a glimpse of Santa’s reindeer. What is the true spirit of Christmas, and how can it still be magical after all these years?

How to love when it’s hard (6 Sun OT)

Benjamin Homilies

You would think that Valentine’s day is not the best day in the world to be celibate, but I got one of the world’s best Valentine’s day cards. A person who does not have a significant other is not living without love, because God’s love is always there for us. In Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus tells us about God’s love, and teaches us to love the way God loves and not the way that comes naturally to us. We can’t just love when it’s easy, we also need to love when it’s hard. +