Faith needs to grow – family Mass and baptism (Feb 2)

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The Feast of the Presentation reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world. We have been given our faith at baptism, but our faith is a living thing and it needs to grow. Like other living things, faith needs food, water, and shelter. The food that our faith needs is the Word of God and Holy Communion. The water that our faith needs is prayer. The shelter that our faith needs is the Church.

Faith in our hearts (2 Sun OT)

Benjamin Homilies

The Sacred Heart shows us how Jesus’ heart burns with love for us. When we are baptized, our hearts are lit with the light of faith. When we pray, and go to church, and do good things, the flame of faith in our hearts grows bigger. When we don’t pray, and don’t go to church, the faith in our hearts gets smaller. We need to keep our faith burning brightly and light others with the light of faith.

Mary helps us take our first faith steps (Advent 2)

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When Jesus came to earth, He did not begin sorting the good from the bad right away. Instead He came to plant faith on the earth so that there could be an abundant harvest. We have been given the faith, but it needs to grow. Mary helps nourish the faith in our hearts and she helps teach her children to walk. The walk of faith is when we do not rely on the things around us for support, and Mary help us take our first faith steps.

Faith is a journey toward glory (28th Sunday OT)

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Faith is a journey from where we are, to where God wants us to be. The story of Naaman the Syrian is one example of the journey of faith. He was seeking only for a physical healing, but through his journey he found faith in the Lord God. Human life is a journey towards God, a journey towards glory, and we do not walk this journey alone but Jesus Christ walks with us.

Faith is like a seed (27th Sunday OT)

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The mustard seed is a little speck of a seed, but it has the power to grow into a whole plant. Seeds are amazing; everything that makes up an entire plant is packed into a tiny little package to be spread about, looking for fertile soil where it can grow. The faith is very much like a seed that God plants in our heart. If we do not harden our hearts, but give faith room to grow, then this seed can become a strong tree that shelters our life.

+349+ Family Mass: Don’t put your Faith in the China Cabinet (27th Sunday)

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We often treat our Catholic Faith like fine china; our ancestors passed it down to us for special occasions. But faith is a living thing. When we were baptized we received a seed of faith; we must care for it. Give your faith sunlight by daily prayer, water it with Mass, feed it with catechism, and keep it from harm. Your faith will put down deep roots and grow strong.

Do You also want to Leave? (Homily for the 21st Sunday)

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