It’s Time to Burn Your Bible — An Answer to the Rapid Decline of Christianity in America

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The Burning Question One day we discovered two bags of old Bibles and Lutheran hymnals abandoned in the church lobby. Someone figured the church would know what to do with a bunch of old Bibles. They were pretty worn out; I decided that I should burn them reverently. So I piled them in a little metal fire pit and put a lighter …

The Woman Who Conquered Mexico

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Mary of the Month

December 9, 1531, Bishop Juan de Zumarraga received an unusual visitor at his Bishop’s palace in Mexico City. The Spanish conquistadores firmly held the reins of power, having conquered the Aztecs and ended the pagan worship and human sacrifice. They were not kind to the newly conquered Aztecs. The Bishop’s visitor was one of the few converts to embrace the new religion. His …

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God Gives Himself – Do You Realize What That’s Worth? (#442, 25th Sunday)

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“It’s not fair!” God gives more to some and less to others. But God is so generous that he offers Himself to every person. St. Paul has the right attitude: he gives generously as he has generously received. The Korean church was evangelized by Korean laymen who knew what their faith was worth. You have received the gift of faith; do you realize what it’s worth?