The Savior is IN (Homily for Corpus Christi)

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Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi). Today we celebrate Corpus Christi, the feast of the Body and Blood of the Lord. We are going to study possibly the most shocking and even scandalous teaching of Christianity: the Real Presence of Jesus. Our readings today show us Jesus causing a terrible scandal. He tells the …

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Living Communion (#423, First Communion)

Fr. Joel Homilies

What connects Mass and the Resurrection? The Body and Blood of Christ present at Mass. Don’t come to Mass for what you can get, but come to give. When you give your heart, Jesus gives you his. We believe the Eucharist is Jesus’ Body and Blood because Jesus said so, and sometimes there are miracles that help our faith. Jesus gives us the Eucharist so we can be in communion with him. Live your Communion every day.