Celebrate Easter All Year Long

Fr. Joel Being Catholic

One of the reasons I love being Catholic is that our church knows how to party. Most people think Easter is over now. For Catholics we’re just getting started. We start with the “Octave” meaning that Easter itself is 8 days long. Every day until the Sunday afterwards is considered a feast day. That includes no fasting from meat on …

Easter 2016 “The Kingdom Has Come”

Fr. Joel God & Faith

For generations Israel waited and hoped for a new King. He would be a son of David anointed by God (‘the Christ’) to establish a new Kingdom on earth (Isaiah 11:1-10). For three years Jesus had been preaching and teaching. Angels had sung at his birth and wise men traveled far to honor him. He healed the sick and even raised the dead. Was he the …

We Must Die If We Want to Rise (#523, Easter 3)

Fr. Joel Homilies

I watched 31 high school kids die and rise. It is written that the Christ must suffer and die in order to rise, but so also must every Christian. We all want the joy of the Resurrection, but the only way to get there is the road of the Cross. (20 Apr 2015)