The Perfect Christmas

Fr. Joel Church meets World

It was almost Christmas and they were far from home. They had every intention of spending a quiet holiday season. But urgent business required him to travel, and she refused to stay home without him. Technically this was his hometown but family connections were distant, and plans to stay with family had fallen through. It seemed like nothing turned out …

A Portal into Heaven (#506, Christmas Day)

Fr. Joel Homilies

The Son of God looks like… us! He reveals Who God is and Who we are. The family is a portal into Heaven. So is Mass, where we the Son of God in our hands. We can experience the Peace and Joy of our sonship whenever we give glory to God in the highest.

How to Find the Magic this Christmas

Fr. Joel Being Catholic

Christmas Letter 2014 Remember how Christmas was such a magical time when you were children? You were excited for weeks, tried to be good just before Christmas, and maybe even caught a glimpse of Santa’s reindeer. What is the true spirit of Christmas, and how can it still be magical after all these years?