A Portal into Heaven (#506, Christmas Day)

Fr. Joel Homilies

The Son of God looks like… us! He reveals Who God is and Who we are. The family is a portal into Heaven. So is Mass, where we the Son of God in our hands. We can experience the Peace and Joy of our sonship whenever we give glory to God in the highest.

How to Find the Magic this Christmas

Fr. Joel Being Catholic

Christmas Letter 2014 Remember how Christmas was such a magical time when you were children? You were excited for weeks, tried to be good just before Christmas, and maybe even caught a glimpse of Santa’s reindeer. What is the true spirit of Christmas, and how can it still be magical after all these years?

King and God and Sacrifice (Epiphany)

Benjamin Homilies

The Magi bring three gifts for the child Jesus. These gifts proclaim three things about the child: gold proclaims that He is king, frankincense that He is God, and myrrh that He will die. We will spend the next year reflecting on these three aspects of the life of Jesus: how He is king and what sort of kingdom He rules; how He is God and what His relationship is with the Father; how He is sacrifice and the Lamb of God who dies for our salvation.

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+407+ An engagement ring from our King (Epiphany)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Jesus has come for all people. He is the true Priest, the true Prophet, and the true King. But the gift of Jesus is so much more than just a child in a manger. God has promised to accompany us all our life — much like an engagement ring. Jesus fully plans to teach us, lead us, and die for us. That is why at today’s Mass we announce the upcoming feasts from the next year: There is so much more to come.

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+406+ I love you, says baby Jesus (Christmas)

Fr. Joel Homilies

We celebrate the Birthday of Jesus because He comes to tell us: I Love You. Poor and rich, simple and clever, Jew and Gentile – I love you. On the Cross I love you. At the Mass I love you. He wants to hear us say: I love You too.