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Why subscribe to the podcast?

A Podcast is like a radio show, but its always available through the internet. Individual episodes are broadcast using an internet link called a “feed.”  The feed lists the most recent episodes and updates automatically when a new episode is released. Your smartphone can subscribe to the feed and it will download each episode and have it available to play any time you want. You can listen on the way to work, while working out, even on a train in the rain. All this sounds complicated, but actually it’s surprisingly easy. Here’s how to do it with an Android or Apple device.

Android Devices

You will need two things:

  1. A Podcast App
    I don’t personally use Android so I can’t suggest any particular app. I saw a lot of suggestions from different sites: Pocket Casts, DoggCatcher, TuneIn Radio, Podcast Addict or Podcast Republic to name a few. Perhaps readers can share their favorite podcast apps
  2. The Link to our Show
    Our Podcast feed is
    Just copy that link. The podcast app should allow you to add new shows just by pasting the link into the appropriate place in the app.
    Check out this post for more information about Android and podcasts.

Apple Devices

(iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Apple provides a free podcast app called Podcasts and the show is available on the the iTunes store. You just have to download the app from the app store and then search for “brother priests”. Here are the steps with illustrations from an iPhone.

Step 1: Install the Podcasts app from the App Store
(in the App Store, search for Podcasts. Install the App that looks like this)
[updated: with iOS 8, you may already have the podcasts app installed on your device. In that case, find and run the App and you can skip ahead to step 2]



Step 2: Run the Podcasts app. Click the search icon and type brother priests in the search field.



Step 3: Scroll down to the Brother Priests podcast and click on it.



Step 4: Click SUBSCRIBE



That’s it. You can customize the settings for how many episodes to view and whether it checks and downloads automatically. Or you can check manually by pulling down the screen and refreshing it. If you use iTunes on Mac or Windows, just click this link to our iTunes show and click the button View in iTunes. From there you can click SUBSCRIBE.

End Notes

There are other podcast apps available on the App Store that you might like better than Apple’s Podcasts. Use whatever you want, just copy the feed link and paste it into the app.

I always connect my phone to Wi-Fi before downloading podcasts.

Warning: Regular listening to the Brother Priests Preaching Podcast could cause spiritual transformation.