Easter Vigil Fire

Live in the Light and Be Filled with the Light (#722, Easter Sunday)

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The Resurrection of the Lord (Year A) • This world is full of light and darkness. But the Kingdom of God is filled with all light and no darkness. Let the light of Christ illuminate your mind, yourself, and your world. Our faith teaches us that the secret to conquering all darkness and evil is obedience to our Father. Through obedience we walk in the light and radiate the light. Let your light shine!

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The Kingdom of Light (Easter Letter 2017)

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The Christian year is marked by two great feasts of our King. Christmas shows us where to find true greatness. God Himself comes to live with his people. At Easter we learn that He is God-with-us all the way to the end. He is willing to walk through sin, suffering, violence, rejection, abandonment, and even death. There is not a point in our life when God bails on us. We are never alone, for God is with us always.

Our shepherd is also the true King. He has come to set his people free. We have been chained into slavery by sin and fear. He has come to lead us through the waters of the Red Sea into the Promised Land. But this promised land is the Kingdom of God. It is full of light, peace and joy. There is no violence there and there is no death; even the animals are all friends. No evil can enter there: no idolatry, adultery, fornication, or lust; no anger, hatred, violence, not even gossip. Even darkness does not enter. His Kingdom is full of light because it is full of God.Read More


We Have No Idea How Much God Suffers (#721, Good Friday)

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Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion • We have no idea how much God suffers, because we have no idea how much God loves us. Our sin separates us from God. So Jesus takes our sins and buries them in the tomb. “I love you this much,” says Jesus, and he stretches out his hands and dies for you.

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Before Eating Ask Yourself This Question (#720, Holy Thursday)

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Mass of the Lord’s Supper • Every Catholic priest is descended from the Last Supper. Though none of us are worthy we all share in the priesthood of Jesus Christ. In a different but no less important way, every Christian shares in the priesthood of Jesus Christ. Christ continues to be present through the Eucharist and through charity. His presence is an invitation. Before you take from His table ask yourself: am I prepared to return the gift — will I lay down my life?

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We Must Die With Christ If We Want To Rise With Him (#719, Palm Sunday)

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Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion (Year A) • Palm Sunday: Our peaceful King lays down His life for us. Instead of branches and cloaks we should lay down our lives for Him.

Passion Reading: The church won’t let us celebrate the joy of Palm Sunday without the sadness of the Passion reading. Holy Mother Church wants us to see that we cannot separate Jesus the King from Jesus the Crucified. We can only come to the triumph of the Resurrection if we are willing to endure the defeat of the Crucifixion. Everyone wants to celebrate Easter, but how many are willing to celebrate Good Friday?Read More


The Shack (Movie Review): The Truth Is Better Than Fiction

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Why do bad things happen to good people? That question is at the heart of The Shack. It’s a movie about a father, Mack Phillips (Sam Worthington) wrestling with a terrible family tragedy. The tragedy has rocked Mack’s faith and sent him into a depression. One day a mysterious letter arrives inviting him to a weekend at the very site where the tragedy occurs. There he literally meets God and gets to ask God all the questions we’ve always wondered.Read More


The Dead Will Rise (#718, Lent 5)

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Fifth Sunday of Lent (Year A) • Jesus shows up too late. But it’s never too late for Jesus. The whole world will know that Jesus is Lord when he returns on the last day and call us each by name, “Tommy, come out!” Christian funerals are all about looking forward to the Resurrection and preparing our loved ones to rise again. This is why we don’t scatter the ashes or turn them into jewelry. We bury our loved ones, mark them with a cross, and pray for their resurrection.

We don’t have to wait until the end to experience the power of the Resurrection. Show Jesus where you are struggling, roll away the stone, and let Jesus in. The Kingdom that’s coming is already here.Read More


The Savior Asks You, a Sinner, For a Drink (#717, Lent 3)

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Third Sunday of Lent (Year A) • Jesus comes into our daily life and invites us, “Come to Me. I am the life you are looking for.” Only when we find God do we find True Love. We can also read this passage in another way. Through the eyes of the lonely Jesus says, “Give me a drink.”Read More

Listen to Him and be Transfigured (#716, Lent 2)

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Second Sunday of Lent • God gave his people the path through Moses. Through Elijah and the prophets God kept them on the path. This path leads to Jesus. Now we only need one booth because all you need is Jesus. Do you really believe that? Then start spending 10 minutes a day in prayer. Listen to Him and you will be transfigured.

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The Secret to Beating Temptation (#715, Lent 1)

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First Sunday of Lent (Year A) • When we try to make a positive step in our lives, we can expect temptation. How can we resist it? Adam and Eve rely on themselves. Even Jesus is not strong enough to resist temptation. He wins because he turns to God every time. Temptation is coming for you this Lent. Where will you turn?

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