I Am Not The King Of The Hill | #854

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Christ the King (B) Jesus is the one person who didn’t try to be “King of the Hill.” The only hill Jesus climbed was the Hill of Calvary where He gave His life for you and me. Because Jesus was a loving servant, that’s why God made Him the King of the universe. Be a servant of the King in your workplace, job site, career, or school. When you let Jesus be the king of your heart and the Lord of your work, we can all stop playing “king of the hill. (25 Nov 2018)

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Going Deeper: This Monday, instead of “working for the Man”, work for Jesus Christ the King. How would you approach work differently if you let Jesus be the Lord of your work? Pray about it and then try it at your workplace or school tomorrow.

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Unveiling the Apocalypse | #853

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Ordinary Time, 33rd Sunday (B) “Apocalyptic” literature “unveils” the end of the story. In the Old Testament the Book of Daniel shows that God has a great plan. Those who are faithful become like the stars in the sky; the unfaithful are an everlasting horror and disgrace. When you are watching the news, or dealing with your own personal apocalypse, just remember that God Wins. Remain faithful and keep walking the path He has for you, and you will experience the victory. (18 Nov 2018)

Going Deeper: Read the Book of Daniel

Thanks to Bishop Barron, Fr. Zuleger, Dave Lindsten, and the Book of Daniel for material in today’s homily.


Filled With the Spirit, How Can We Fail? | #852

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Ordinary Time, 31st Sunday (B) • TEC 40th Anniversary Mass • Good thing Jesus doesn’t want us to do hard stuff like keep the 10 Commandments and stuff. God commanded us to love Him so that we would be be what we were made to be. We are made in the image to God and God is love. All we have to do is love God and love our neighbor. Its that simple — its just humanly impossible. You are made in His image, but you can’t make yourself into His likeness.

So God sends us the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can make us like God. It is the very trying to be like God on your own, without God’s help, that is the root of all evil. So cut it out! The Spirit has already been placed in your heart, all ready to transform you. Listen to the Holy Spirit and let Him transform your life.

(4 Nov 2018)

Going Deeper: Practice listening:

For the first 60 seconds of your morning just be still… Breathe deeply, intentionally. Pay attention to what’s around you, consider the ordinary things in the space around you that are in fact extraordinary; sunlight, the smell of coffee, sounds of birds, morning traffic outside the window, the fabric of the armchair you’re sitting in. You get to experience it all. You exist because of the Father’s love. Rest in that free, unearned gift of being and being loved for just a minute.

Congratulations to Dale and Rose on 60 years of marriage and to Anchor of Hope TEC on 40 years of retreats. Learn more at AnchorofHopeTEC.org


Wipe Your Souls Before You Enter | #851

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All Souls Day • It can be hard for Catholics living in America to understand prayers for the dead. Here are three reasons why we pray for the dead: 1) We can only enter Heaven if we are full of love and free of sin. Purgatory is Heaven’s Welcome Mat: Wipe your souls before you enter! 2) Prayers remind us that we are still in communion with the dead, especially as members of the Body of Christ. We pray for them and they pray for us. 3) The Resurrection of the Dead is coming. We pray that we will meet each other at the great “party in the sky”.

I talk about my grandmother’s death at age 79, Andy Barta’s death at age 35, and Job Thomas dying before he was born. All three of these deaths look different when we see them in terms of purification, communion, and the resurrection of the dead. Let’s keep walking towards eternity — and keep your souls clean! (2 Nov 2018)

Going Deeper: Visit a cemetery and offer prayers for the dead.

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Carrying Heaven Everywhere You Go | #850

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All Saints Day • Heaven is a great place: full of joy, peace, and God’s love, and free of evil and sin. What do you have to do to get to Heaven? Just one little thing: you have to be free of sin. You can’t track any sin into heaven. It’s like head lice – if one person brings it in, everyone will have it.

Being free from sin happens to be impossible for us. So God plants the Holy Spirit into the depths of your heart. Nourish God’s love within your heart and it will grow and fill your heart, mind, and life. You’ll discover that not only are you on your way to Heaven, but you are carrying Heaven everywhere you go. (1 Nov 2018)

Going Deeper: As we adore you, O God, who alone are holy and wonderful in all your Saints, we implore your grace, so that, coming to perfect holiness in the fullness of your love, we may pass from this pilgrim table to the banquet of our heavenly homeland. Through Christ our Lord. (Prayer after Communion from the Mass for All Saints)

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Whats Your Deep Story, Bro? | #849

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Ordinary Time, 30th Sunday (B) Are you still waiting in line for your piece of the American Dream? Are you holding your life in your hands, defending yourself from everyone else? Genesis 1 and 2 tells us our deep story: we are part of Creation, carefully crafted by the loving hands of God. I’m your brother, and we are all connected. Go walk in the woods and remind yourself, “My Father made this for me!” (28 Oct 2018)

Going Deeper: Read Genesis 1 and 2. Are you living your life as an Individual or as part of God’s Creation?

Thank you Tom & Sue, John & Amy, and all the good wishes for priesthood Sunday.

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Want to Win the Game? Lift Others Up | #848

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Ordinary Time, 29th Sunday (B) A disciple must be like the Master, and Jesus is a servant. We like the idea that leaders are called to serve others… until its our turn. How would your home look different if you put others first? It would look like a baseball team helping each other win. Keep these two things in mind: 1) Know your own value 2) Help others learn to serve. (21 Oct 2018)

Going Deeper: How would your life look different if you set out to be the last of all and the servant of all? Try it for one day and see what happens.

Shout out to Nick and Tim!

What Do I Have to Do to Avoid Going to Hell? | #847

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Ordinary Time, 28th Sunday (B) The young man asks our question: “What do I have to do to go to heaven?” Or the even more Catholic question, “What do I have to do to avoid going to hell?” You can’t do something to inherit eternal life because Jesus himself is Eternal Life. He loves you, and he desires you to be his friend. Has he looked at you with love? Has he called you to follow him? The journey may cost you everything, but it’s worth 100 times more. “Come, follow me.” (14 Oct 2018)

Going Deeper: Pray for Wisdom. Pray to see Jesus looking at you with love.

“Let nothing disturb you, let nothing to frighten you, all things are passing away: God never changes. Patience obtains all things. Whoever has God lacks nothing; God alone suffices.” ~ St. Theresa of Avila

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This Is Why So Many Marriages Fail | #846

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Ordinary Time, 27th Sunday (B) Seriously people, am I on the only one living 1 Corinthians 13? Marriage goes back before sin. In order to have a marriage as God intended, we have to let Jesus take us back into the Garden again. We have to become children again! You need: 1) Daily Devotions 2) Sunday Worship 3) Faithful Obedience to God. Today marks the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto. Need to win a culture war? Trust in God’s power. (7 Oct 2018)

Going Deeper: Pray the Rosary

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