The Day the Sun Danced

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The fall of 1917 brought a strange controversy to the newspapers of Portugal. Three small shepherd children in the little village of Fatima claimed that the Blessed Virgin Mary had been appearing to them monthly beginning on May 13 of that year. The supposed appearances had caused much scoffing and ridicule, especially among the communist and anti-Catholic press. But crowds …

The Woman Who Conquered Mexico

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Mary of the Month

December 9, 1531, Bishop Juan de Zumarraga received an unusual visitor at his Bishop’s palace in Mexico City. The Spanish conquistadores firmly held the reins of power, having conquered the Aztecs and ended the pagan worship and human sacrifice. They were not kind to the newly conquered Aztecs. The Bishop’s visitor was one of the few converts to embrace the new religion. His …

Mary of the Month (May 2013)

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The Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help recently received a new statue of Mary as she appeared to the visionary, Adele Brise in 1859. The statue reflects the way Adele described Our Blessed Mother, as having golden hair and a white dress tied with a yellow sash. It was unveiled on Wednesday, May 1st. See more photos from The …

Mary of the Month (February 2013)

Benjamin Mary of the Month

Anyone who has studied Christian art, or just wandered through one of the art galleries in Italy, will quickly notice that a very popular subject for a painting is “Mary with the Baby Jesus and Saints.” Here is a version of that theme, done in mosaic. From the crypt of Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem.

Mary of the Month (January 2013)

Benjamin Mary of the Month

At the beginning of this New Year, I would like to share an image of Mary that seems most appropriate for a new year, Mary Undoer of Knots. May she untie the knots in our lives, and most of all the knots in marriages.

Mary of the Month (November 2012)

Benjamin Mary of the Month

Students of art history will notice that this stone relief, featuring Mary and the Child Jesus with Sts. Peter and Paul, is very medieval in its design and execution. This carving sits over the door of the sanctuary of St. Michael the Archangel in Puglia, southern Italy. Although the figures are a little worn by the weather, they still stand …