“The Love between a man and a woman, which is faithful, fruitful and permanent, reveals how God loves us.” ~ the new Archbishop of Chicago

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Today it was announced that the Holy Father had appointed Bishop Blase J. Cupich as Archbishop of Chicago, one of America’s largest Dioceses. Bishop Cupich was originally a priest of Omaha, Nebraska, and served most recently in Spokane, Washington. As I was researching the new Archbishop I found a wonderful explanation of Christian marriage that he wrote to the good people of …

Book Review: The Fix by Damian Thompson

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What do iPhones, cupcakes, vicodin and internet porn have in common? They are all addictive, according to Damian Thompson, author of The Fix: How addiction is taking over your World. Thompson, it quickly becomes obvious, is no stranger to addiction. He gives details about his own experiences with alcohol, prescription drugs and even an addiction to buying classical music. His central …


+319+ The Church is serious about Marriage (Lent 3)

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Four things the Church is Serious About, #3. God loves His people faithfully; He will never give up on us. Neither is divorce possible for human marriages; once the two have become “one flesh” no human being can separate them. The Church takes the words of Jesus seriously, and that’s why the Church is serious about Marriage. (3 Mar 2013)

+318+ The Church is Serious about Love (Lent 2)

Fr. Joel Homilies, The Loving Life

Four Things the Church is Serious about, #2. Love is Sacrifice: love leads us to lay down our lives for the beloved, an act we call Marriage. Marriage belongs together with Sex and Babies in the “Love Triangle.” If we choose one, the others come with it. This is why sex outside of marriage is wrong: Because the Church is serious about Love. (24 Feb 2013)

What kind of person are you?

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Go ahead, do whatever you want. With apologies to my brother (“I can do whatever want” = False): You can do whatever you want. You can mix and match different suits of armor if you want to. You can eat lots of ice cream, post stupid things on twitter, tattoo your girlfriend’s name on your body; you can do whatever you want …