How to Bury the Dead

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Life on Planet Earth

—– Part 1 of 3 —– “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin “They say death and taxes are the only things that are inevitable. The truth is, you can not pay your taxes. I’ve done it, and there’s consequences, but it can be done. Death you’re not going to …

Windows 8 and Workplace Chaos

Fr. Joel Life on Planet Earth

Regular readers will know that I keep my eye on modern technology. I like to think I’m pretty tech-savvy, at least for a priest. So imagine my surprise when I went computer shopping at Best Buy and had no idea where to start. Touch-screen laptops, detachable laptops, all-in-ones, portable all-in-ones, Chromebooks, MacBooks, AMD, Intel…. I was totally lost. I asked …

Don’t let anyone steal your joy (Advent 3)

Benjamin Homilies, Life on Planet Earth

The Christian life is a joyful life. We need to learn to live in joy by savoring the good moments, and by looking past the difficult moments with trust that good things are coming. So many people do exactly the opposite: they wallow in the sufferings and look past the joys because they are certain difficult times are coming. When people are unhappy, they can try to steal the joy from others, and a good example of this is How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

+348+ How to cross the “Leo Frigo” Bridge (26th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Homilies, Life on Planet Earth

The Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge reminds us not to depend on the things of this world. This world sees hunger and poverty as the biggest problems, but God sees that selfishness is the real problem. The poor and needy are not an inconvenience but an opportunity — they help us cross the bridge from the side of selfishness to the side of selflessness. Mr. Leo Frigo shows us the way.

Angelina Jolie, breast cancer, and fear

Benjamin Life on Planet Earth

I do not claim that Angelina Jolie’s announcement that she had a double mastectomy is the most important story of the week. An excellent commentary on this has been published in On The Square over at First Things, so I am not going to duplicate what she had said. To put the matter very simply, the decision to cut off …