The Procedure

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Human Relationships

It is not often that I come across a short video that is also a brilliant work of art. The Procedure responds beautifully to years of clever but twisted argumentation from movies like The Cider House Rules. Put it on full screen, sit back, and enter in. Note: It might play better on the YouTube site:

Jesus makes forgiveness possible (2 of 3)

Benjamin Human Relationships

In you haven’t already read Part 1, Why should I forgive?, I recommend taking five minutes to read it before beginning part two. Jesus began His mission by preaching “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Recognizing that not everything we have done is appropriate for the Kingdom of Heaven, changing our lives is the best way to …

Why should I forgive? (1 of 3)

Benjamin Human Relationships

In a previous post I talked about family healing, and how the key elements to this healing are accepting the love of God and accepting our parents with all their shortcomings. When their conduct was very hurtful, the healing demands a real process of forgiveness. Forgiveness is difficult to understand and I want to spend three posts talking about it. …

Same-sex “marriage”

Benjamin Church meets World, Human Relationships, The Loving Life

Newspapers are declaring a victory for the same-sex marriage efforts. In November of 2008, California voters had added Proposition 8 to the Constitution, declaring that, “Only marriage between a man and a woman as valid or recognized in California.” A judge recently declared this law invalid on the grounds that it violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. …

Secrets of a happy life

Benjamin Human Relationships

– Fr. Benjamin I just recently read a very thoughtful article looking at the failures of Tiger Woods through Plato’s characterization of the soul. Basically put, Plato looks at the human soul as made up of three parts, one desiring food and physical pleasure, another desiring victory and honor, and the third which seeks knowledge of the good. The third …