Fr. Joel fr-joel-school-picture-2015was born into a family that loved and served the Lord Jesus. He remembers growing up with Bible stories and family prayer. At the age of 12 his family transitioned into the Catholic Church. He began serving Mass and feeling the tug of priesthood as he grew into high school. His journey of discernment took him to St. John Vianney Seminary (University of St. Thomas), Mundelein Seminary and the North American College. He was ordained a priest in 2007. He holds a License degree in Moral Theology from the Pontifical University Santa Croce in Rome. He currently serves as pastor of three parishes near Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA 🇺🇸

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I am fearful of what I am for you, but I draw strength from what I am with you. For you I am a bishop, and with you I am a Christian. The former designates an office received, the latter the foundation of salvation.St. Augustine of Hippo

As a Christian, I am a child of God and a member of God’s family. The whole church is my brothers and sisters. But Our Father has called me to serve my brothers and sisters as a priest. I am a child of God, your brother, and your priest. My brothers and sisters call me Father.

Blogging and podcasting combines a love for human-friendly technology with a passion for preaching the Word of God. This blog was born in the summer of 2007. It originally lived on the Blogspot platform under the name of “Holy Priesthood.” Over time it grew into its own identity and officially become BrotherPriests.com on 13 June 2010. We imported the best posts from the original site and created lots more. Over the years we’ve created hundreds of posts ranging from moccasins and oil spills to saints costumes and papal encyclicals. If you like what you read, please subscribe to the podcast or share these posts with others. May this website help you to know Christ Jesus and make Him known.

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