Why the Nativity Scene has an Ox and a Donkey | #907

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Holy Family (C) We want the best for our children. At Baptism they are adopted into both of Jesus’ families. We need to help them know personally their Heavenly Family (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and their Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, Joseph). Do we want our children to be humble, hard-working, generous, and willing to say yes to God’s call? Then we must live the same way. Let Jesus be the King of your heart; let him be the Lord of your family.

(30 Dec 2018)

Going Deeper: Check out Anchor of Hope TEC. Make plans to bless your home with chalk on Epiphany.

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    Jesus is King of our Hearts, Lord of our Family. What could be better. When I ask my 2 year old granddaughter, “What does Jesus say?” I am happy to hear her answer, “Love you.” That’s what I think Christmas and Feast of the Holy Family is all about. Once again, your homily speaks to me.

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