The Assumption and Pedal Power | BP#840

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Assumption of Mary • The Assumption of Mary teaches us three things: 1) Life is a journey 2) It has ups and downs 3) We don’t have to do it alone. Keep peddling!

(15 Aug 2018)

Going Deeper: Do you see your life as a journey? How do the struggles in life look different when you see them as hills to be climbed?

Big thanks to Mr. Smits and our 2018 Youth Bike Ride participants! | Photo Credit

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  1. It had been a long time since I heard a “life is a journey” homily. Just about every weekend at Holy Spirit in Menominee, after the gospel was proclaimed, Fr. Ron Skufka would come down to the front of the center aisle with the Book of the Gospel under his arm and give his homily. Either at the beginning, middle or end, he would tell us “life is a journey”. Fr. Ron was important in our family’s journey because he helped my husband become a deacon. Unfortunately Fr. Ron passed away 5 years ago. Your homily was very good with it’s descriptions and how they relate to our journey with each other on earth. And I liked it especially for the reminder of Fr. Ron and a reminder to pray for him for the journey he is on. May the soul of Fr. Ron, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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