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13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) The touch of Jesus is the touch of healing Love. Jesus touched José, Greg, and Kyle through Confessions, daily Mass, and CYE. Sometimes we have to seek Jesus and take hold of his garments. At other times we need to stay put and wait for Jesus. Are you confident in Jesus’ love for you?

(1 July 2018)

Going Deeper: Ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to help you be confident in Jesus’ love for you.

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  1. I was there with you in the Cathedral on Saturday as part of the Knights of Columbus Honor Guard. I too always feel touched in a very profound way by Ordinations to the Priesthood. For I too was in discernment twice in my life regarding the Holy Priesthood. I, in the end, chose a different path, that of Holy Matrimony in marrying my tremendous life mate. We just celebrated 44 years on June 21st. It was an even warmer day and St. Francis in Hollandtown knew no A/C. It was a full 90+ minutes of liturgy and music with three choirs. What were we thinking? Lots of parallels with Priestly Ordinations. I get emotional to tears when I think that one of those men could have been me back in the early 70’s, lying prostrate in front of the altar at St. Francis or St. Norbert Abbey. I don’t dwell on that “what if” since I have absolutely no regrets about the path that I have chosen for it is wonderful and rewarding as ever.

    I would like to end here by saying, had I chosen the path to priesthood, that I hope I would have been just like Fr. Joel Sember, spreading God’s love to all in a very unique way, through these inspiring Podcasts. It started with my birthday “Blizzard Mass” weekend this past April. God bless your ministry. What a gift you are to the Diocese of Green Bay and beyond.

    Whenever you serve me says the Lord, my Father in heaven will honor you. Such powerful words. (More tears)

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